Telugu Movies Based On The Women-Centric Theme

Most of the Indian audience loves to watch movies in their leisure time or make their weekend happening by watching various Bollywood and regional languages movies online. Previously, only the male actors are given due importance to the film industry as there given more British roll; on the other hand, we saw that female actress only played the role of decorative subjects. But over time, the portrayal of women in Indian cinema has experienced a tremendous change. Films play a vital role in influencing the psychology of the Indian audience and also be able to create awareness among the society. And in this regard, portraying women only as a glamorous doll and near object to fulfil sexual desire is not the right thing society currently needs.

For over the last decade Indian film industry experience a tremendous change as now women are shown as independent and confident characters that inspire many women out there to lead an independent and successful life and not consider themselves as mere objects. The Telugu film industry plays a vital role where various movies have been released based on a women-centric theme that helps create awareness regarding women’s strength. You can watch various women-centric movies online on the aha app.

Among various women’s centric movie the one which hit the screen and Loved by most of the audience is the national award-winning film Naa Bangaaru Talli starrer Anjali Patil as the lead role of the movie. The story is about a very bright student from Amalapuram, whose name is Durga. After completing her school education,  she wants to pursue higher education from Hyderabad. She reveals her desire to pursue further education to her father, who denies the permission to go to Hyderabad for education. But at any cost, she wants to study for the so secretly she gets admission in Hyderabad college.

As soon as she reached Hyderabad for study, she was kidnapped and brought to a brothel house, where she finds the shocking truth about her father. The story about what the truth she finds out about her father? What problem she faced during her kidnapping period and how she manages to escape from such a worse situation from the rest of the story. After watching this movie, you will get to know about the Harsh realities of life, and this movie also helps open your eyes to face the actual reality of life.

All those viewers who love to watch a sensible sort of movie should watch the “Naa Bangaaru Talli” movie streaming on aha platform. Aha is an OTT platform where you can watch a bunch of Telugu movies online, and besides entertainment, these movies also provide a message to be learned by all of us.